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Senior Secondary

Grades 11 and 12

The two years of Class 11 and 12 are a crucial bridge to college and young adulthood. It is a period during which students make choices that impact their careers and prepare them for living in a larger community - they have to narrow down to their area of interests academically, deal with parental pressures about their choices, handle the higher academic demands of the boards and competitive exams, grapple with the developmental need to fit in with their peers and balance the conflicts arising from a developing sense of self and increasing independence.

Woodridge High aims to prepare students academically to face the boards and college/professional entrances. Preparation for the boards requires basic concept level understanding and tutoring in test taking skills. Tackling the competitive exams requires maximum exposure to different application of concepts and sustained practice of application and exposure to formats of testing used therein.

Academic accomplishments apart, we work with students at this stage to support developmental and future needs, equipping them to cope with the challenges they encounter and preparing them for the world beyond the school. It is here that the Woodridge High Attributes will inculcate the global competency skills in students. A paradigm shift in their personality in two years will ensure vertical growth in every endeavour of their journey ahead. It is designed as a preparatory journey towards college, careers, community and citizenship – the University of Life.

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