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“A man's mind, stretched by new ideas, may never return to its original dimensions.” - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

Apart from the conveying of essential knowledge and skills for living, the priceless ability and confidence to study, understand and apply any subject, and an environment in which children of all ages are encouraged to communicate freely and confidently, at Woodridge High we strive to ensure that all students are happy throughout their time at the school and pass out feeling enthusiastic about life, having developed new friendships and gained a sense of achievement in an ethical, highly productive and motivated environment.

We are fervent in our desire to give each and every student a rounded education in a wide range of subjects and to open their eyes to the possibilities that lie ahead of them in the world at large. Our structured teaching-learning process, comprehensive assessment techniques, laser-like focus on the holistic development of every child are all part of a passion to provide our students with the type of school experience that they can and do treasure for the rest of their lives.

A specially-devised set of lively and dynamic co-curricular activities alongwith the other Woodridge High Attributes further promote our development of well-rounded and mature individuals who can be both courageous and determined, no matter what life holds in store for them.

Our Motto

Ever Upwards - Ever Onwards!

Our deep learning approach yields perfection and excellence for students ensuring their Ever Upward journey.
Our global competency initiatives yield bright and rewarding future for students ensuring their Ever Onward journey.

Our Educational Philosophy

  • To value the importance of balancing the many aspects of a student’s life and choosing experiences intended to foster the individual growth of the intellectual, creative, physical, social, and emotional roots.
  • To encourage each student to take a journey of discovery and exploration through embracing the academic and co-curricular opportunities on offer.
  • To build the confidence and character of our students through wide and varied experiences that encourage self-responsibility, challenge thinking and celebrate success.
  • To foster within the students a sense of connect to the School, their peers and the local and global community through deep inquiry and service learning.
  • To place the student at the centre of their education journey and equip them with the tools and skills required to successfully navigate through their senior years and life beyond.
  • To build a strong partnership with the child’s family and school community to facilitate continuous growth.

Primary School
1st through 5th grade

At Woodridge High the teaching - learning process is a steady, unabating journey of observations, investigations and explorations by the children of the world around them. Every child has an inquisitive mind and we are the wind beneath their wings enabling them to soar high, ever upwards, ever onwards. Driven by their sense of wonder and curiosity, primary students are encouraged to ask questions. With teacher-as-coach, students learn to research, discern facts, from opinions, create presentations and share their discoveries. Collaborative problem solving is emphasized each day, across content areas, and students learn to rely on one another to find solutions to complex problems. Our experienced faculty creates a safe, supportive, non-competitive environment within which students can actively wonder, reflect, explore ideas, develop skills, and grow intellectually, socially and emotionally.

Middle School
6th through 8th grade

Our Middle School embodies our progressive approach to education by striving to create an environment of intrinsic motivation and learning. Without the rewards, punishments, and pressures of grades, we foster a love for learning and a drive for self-knowledge. The curriculum broadens to include wider array of subjects and is also more thrilling. The small class sizes and personal relationships between students and teachers encourage invigorating discussions, deep inquiry, and hands-on learning opportunities in and out of the classroom. These classes are then balanced with advisory, exploratory courses, mindfulness, service projects, and outdoor education to emotionally, artistically, and physically stimulate our growing adolescents.

Senior School
Grades 9 and 10

Moving into class 9 is the entry point to the 2 years integrated course in senior school. It entails various pedagogical approaches and micro planning techniques to give more organized study time for students, who, at this stage, are expected to become more independent in their learning; however, a close and supportive relationship continues to exist between students and teachers ,as hard core mentors . Our dedicated Senior School faculty helps tap into students' interests and explore their natural creativity. Students develop life-long practices of intellectual discipline, good communication, self-reflection, understanding, and clear thinking. Utmost care into every aspect of child's approach for these crucial two years ensures students to sail through the Boards stress free and that too with flying colours. A Senior School student as well as the faculty team of Woodridge High clearly stands out in the crowd as he/she has gone the extra mile in every aspect and oozes confidence in every endeavour he/she undertakes and accomplishes. Senior school 9 & 10 is a well planned and enjoyable journey which is a deciding factor for admission into the senior secondary school disciplines.

Senior Secondary:
Grades 11 and 12

The two years of Class 11 and 12 are a crucial bridge to college and young adulthood. It is a period during which students make choices that impact their careers and prepare them for living in a larger community - they have to narrow down to their area of interests academically, deal with parental pressures about their choices, handle the higher academic demands of the boards and competitive exams, grapple with the developmental need to fit in with their peers and balance the conflicts arising from a developing sense of self and increasing independence.

Woodridge High aims to prepare students academically to face the boards and college/professional entrances. Preparation for the boards requires basic concept level understanding and tutoring in test taking skills. Tackling the competitive exams requires maximum exposure to different application of concepts and sustained practice of application and exposure to formats of testing used therein.

Academic accomplishments apart, we work with students at this stage to support developmental and future needs, equipping them to cope with the challenges they encounter and preparing them for the world beyond the school. It is here that the Woodridge High Attributes will inculcate the global competency skills in students. A paradigm shift in their personality in two years will ensure vertical growth in every endeavour of their journey ahead. It is designed as a preparatory journey towards college, careers, community and citizenship – the University of Life.

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